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Insteon Hub & Product Reviews – Can You Rely on them for Safety?

Many of you know we talk about safety a lot.  Whether it is pool safety or how to choose a security company, keeping your family and home a safe place is a good thing to do.  Recently my wife and I installed the Insteon hub into our house and added some of their products as well.  I can’t say that it is the nicest or top of the link security system but it’s simplicity has been superb and I can’t help but brag about it a little.

How does the Insteon security system differ from others?

First off, you don’t have to sign a contract.  Thank goodness because I hate seeing an automatic draft taken from my bank account every month and not having the ability to stop it.  Most others require a 24-60 month contract term to get their ‘free’ promotional offer.  Insteon doesn’t have any free promotional offer and in fact the Insteon review I came across mentions that you must pay out of pocket for any equipment you want.

insteon devices

So what can you expect?  Just fork out a little cash to get it going!  For me, the hub was $199 and then I added around $400 to get the door sensors and motion detectors.

What are the disadvantages?  They don’t have a sales line to call in and do orders from.  This means you have to know ahead of time what your home will need in the way of a smart security system.  Here is some quick tips I put together on what you will want when ordering your own.

Make sure to buy enough products to cover:

  • All exit doors to your home.  The average house has 2-3 but yours may have more.  Whether or not you want to cover the garage door that leads in and out is up to you.  Since the door sensors are $50 or less you might as well do the job right while you are doing it!
  • Get a motion sensor for any hall ways or big rooms you may have.  I was disappointed that Insteon doesn’t offer any glass break sensors since that can be nice for those with pets.  Do your homework and decide which one you want.
  • Don’t worry over the security cameras.  Yes, I know this is the latest hype but trust me, from my own customers and friends that I’ve seen buy them, they never end up using them!  Unless you are away on vacations a lot or use a baby sitter, don’t worry about this one for now.

Remember that when buying an Insteon hub and automation system, you will be doing it yourself.  If you need tips (because I don’t have the time to show you the installation process) then visit this tutorial.

Can you rely on them for safety?

I’m not completely sure yet to be honest!  This is more of a product and not a company which is threatening to me.  Their monitoring has mixed reviews and I am not sure I can trust them with everything I want.  Sure you can get the inexpensive alarm system but without the contractual monitoring I don’t know what good it is doing me and my family.

Only time will tell, right now I am relying on my own monitoring skills and always have my phone nearby with alerts on.  However, I work from home so that being said I do most of my own security as it is!  If you are someone who is away from home then you probably will want to get with a company who runs the monitoring 24/7.


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