Secure Your Home With a Wireless Video Doorbell


Wireless Doorbells have come alone way since their debut, as they could now integrate a camera within them. Not merely that, modern doorbells have a whole bunch of valuable features such a a 2-way intercom devices, to let you speak to the visitor. Wireless doorbells like the Optex Ivision have video surveillance systems plus the added benefit of intercom systems.

In this write-up, we are visiting that what are the essential benefits of having a wireless video doorbell or a video intercom device when compared to a normal wireless door chime?

We will now go through this, step by step.

See who is at the Door (in real time video)


The highlight of a wireless video doorbell is that you can see the visitor at the door on the mobile unit (or fixed to a wall) before opening the door.

The doorbell camera video tapes the the video and transfers the footage to the unit, allowing you to see who is at door. Wouldn’t it give you a little extra piece of mind knowing who is knocking the door without them having the ability to see you.Its easy to visualize the usefulness of this scenarios here.

Talk with Visitors Before You Let Them In.

An additional beneficial function to have. You can in fact pay attention and address visitors at the door capitalizing on 2-way-intercom device that many wireless video intercom devices have within them.Watch photos of site visitors offline.

You could watch the pictures of site visitors offline when you are back house and learn about that was at the door when you were away.Night Vision Assistance.

When given the option, opt for a wireless video doorbell that has night vision. Night time is when we feel the most vulnerable when we hear the doorbell go off. Night vision does not require a light source to work because wireless cameras have am integrated infrared design, which permits you to see visitors throughout evening.

Develop a Monitoring System.

Home safety is especially crucial, especially throughout modern-day lifestyle where in, both husband and wife goes to work and a security device(a minimum of standard level) can definitely save them from security associated issues. I keep saying this, but the piece of mind that such a security system can offer really takes the wight off anyone’s shoulders while they are away.


Hopefully you are now familiar with the benefits of having a video intercom device.Lets list some of the top wireless doorbell systems with videointegration!

  1. Optex iVision Wireless 2-Way Video Door Intercom System
  2. SVAT Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System with 7″ LCD Monitor and Night Vision Security Camera
  3. Video Phone Doorbell Intercom with Night Vision
  4. Keedox Wireless Doorphone Bell Intercom System
  5. Video Doorbell With 1 Camera and 3 MonitorsRecent PostsCategoriesArchives

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