Secure Your Home With a Wireless Video Doorbell


Wireless Doorbells have come alone way since their debut, as they could now integrate a camera within them. Not merely that, modern doorbells have a whole bunch of valuable features such a a 2-way intercom devices, to let you speak to the visitor. Wireless doorbells like the Optex Ivision have video surveillance systems plus the added benefit of intercom systems.

In this write-up, we are visiting that what are the essential benefits of having a wireless video doorbell or a video intercom device when compared to a normal wireless door chime?

We will now go through this, step by step.

See who is at the Door (in real time video)


The highlight of a wireless video doorbell is that you can see the visitor at the door on the mobile unit (or fixed to a wall) before opening the door.

The doorbell camera video tapes the the video and transfers the footage to the unit, allowing you to see who is at door. Wouldn’t it give you a little extra piece of mind knowing who is knocking the door without them having the ability to see you.Its easy to visualize the usefulness of this scenarios here.

Talk with Visitors Before You Let Them In.

An additional beneficial function to have. You can in fact pay attention and address visitors at the door capitalizing on 2-way-intercom device that many wireless video intercom devices have within them.Watch photos of site visitors offline.

You could watch the pictures of site visitors offline when you are back house and learn about that was at the door when you were away.Night Vision Assistance.

When given the option, opt for a wireless video doorbell that has night vision. Night time is when we feel the most vulnerable when we hear the doorbell go off. Night vision does not require a light source to work because wireless cameras have am integrated infrared design, which permits you to see visitors throughout evening.

Develop a Monitoring System.

Home safety is especially crucial, especially throughout modern-day lifestyle where in, both husband and wife goes to work and a security device(a minimum of standard level) can definitely save them from security associated issues. I keep saying this, but the piece of mind that such a security system can offer really takes the wight off anyone’s shoulders while they are away.


Hopefully you are now familiar with the benefits of having a video intercom device.Lets list some of the top wireless doorbell systems with videointegration!

  1. Optex iVision Wireless 2-Way Video Door Intercom System
  2. SVAT Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System with 7″ LCD Monitor and Night Vision Security Camera
  3. Video Phone Doorbell Intercom with Night Vision
  4. Keedox Wireless Doorphone Bell Intercom System
  5. Video Doorbell With 1 Camera and 3 MonitorsRecent PostsCategoriesArchives
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Staying Safe with Insteon Home Security


Insteon Hub & Product Reviews – Can You Rely on them for Safety?

Many of you know we talk about safety a lot.  Whether it is pool safety or how to choose a security company, keeping your family and home a safe place is a good thing to do.  Recently my wife and I installed the Insteon hub into our house and added some of their products as well.  I can’t say that it is the nicest or top of the link security system but it’s simplicity has been superb and I can’t help but brag about it a little.

How does the Insteon security system differ from others?

First off, you don’t have to sign a contract.  Thank goodness because I hate seeing an automatic draft taken from my bank account every month and not having the ability to stop it.  Most others require a 24-60 month contract term to get their ‘free’ promotional offer.  Insteon doesn’t have any free promotional offer and in fact the Insteon review I came across mentions that you must pay out of pocket for any equipment you want.

insteon devices

So what can you expect?  Just fork out a little cash to get it going!  For me, the hub was $199 and then I added around $400 to get the door sensors and motion detectors.

What are the disadvantages?  They don’t have a sales line to call in and do orders from.  This means you have to know ahead of time what your home will need in the way of a smart security system.  Here is some quick tips I put together on what you will want when ordering your own.

Make sure to buy enough products to cover:

  • All exit doors to your home.  The average house has 2-3 but yours may have more.  Whether or not you want to cover the garage door that leads in and out is up to you.  Since the door sensors are $50 or less you might as well do the job right while you are doing it!
  • Get a motion sensor for any hall ways or big rooms you may have.  I was disappointed that Insteon doesn’t offer any glass break sensors since that can be nice for those with pets.  Do your homework and decide which one you want.
  • Don’t worry over the security cameras.  Yes, I know this is the latest hype but trust me, from my own customers and friends that I’ve seen buy them, they never end up using them!  Unless you are away on vacations a lot or use a baby sitter, don’t worry about this one for now.

Remember that when buying an Insteon hub and automation system, you will be doing it yourself.  If you need tips (because I don’t have the time to show you the installation process) then visit this tutorial.

Can you rely on them for safety?

I’m not completely sure yet to be honest!  This is more of a product and not a company which is threatening to me.  Their monitoring has mixed reviews and I am not sure I can trust them with everything I want.  Sure you can get the inexpensive alarm system but without the contractual monitoring I don’t know what good it is doing me and my family.

Only time will tell, right now I am relying on my own monitoring skills and always have my phone nearby with alerts on.  However, I work from home so that being said I do most of my own security as it is!  If you are someone who is away from home then you probably will want to get with a company who runs the monitoring 24/7.


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Why Pool Alarms Are Essential


Any home that has a pool should also have a swimming pool alarm system. There are several practical reasons why pool alarms are important to the homeowner. Here are some of the reasons why swimming pool alarms just make sense. Pool alarms, like most alarm systems, are meant to alert someone that there is some activity going on in the area. In the case of pool alarms, this can mean several different things.


For example, water level alarms for pools can alert the homeowner that someone has just jumped into the pool, when the pool is not supposed to be in use. A pool door alarm will let you know that someone has just stepped into the general area of the pool. A pool fence alarm sounds the alert that someone has just breached the fence around the pool area. All these types of wireless pool alarms are meant to prevent unauthorized use of the pool, ensuring that there are no accidents that may end up in tragedy. Pool safety alarms can be strategically placed along the pool itself, across the doors to the changing rooms, at the main exit from the house to the pool area, at any gate that leads into the pool area, and also in the pool itself.

The idea is to create several ways of registering the fact that someone or something is near the pool without adult supervision. It could be a toddler that wandered from the house to the pool area. Perhaps some neighborhood kids decided to jump the fence and take a quick swim. Of course, there is always the chance that someone is entering the property through the pool area with more than taking a swim on his or her mind. Whatever the scenario, the pool alarms give the homeowner the chance to recognize the problem and deal with it effectively before things get out of hand. Poll alarms supplies are easy to obtain from just about any retail store that carries security equipment. Of course, you can always order necessities for your swimming poll alarm system online as well, getting what you need directly from the manufacturer in some cases.


As an example, France Pool Alarms will have just about anything you need in the way of window entry pool alarm wireless supplies. Pool alarms do not tend to be expensive, and are very easy to install. If you have a pool on your property, don’t think that a fence is enough to keep out unwanted guests. Invest in pool alarms and make sure everyone stays safe and sound.

Last but not least we try to provide complete information on the all types of home securities and all types of business home residential security systems which can help you to protect your home from all kind of dangers. The information provided on this website is according to the expert’s advice and can be helpful for you.

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Choosing An Alarm Monitoring Company

home security 1

Posted onChoosing an alarm monitoring company is a very big decision and should not be taken lightly. There are so many alarm monitoring companies out there, it is important to do your research. If you choose the wrong monitoring company, you may be making a big mistake.

By now, you should have found a company that you are interested in having install your alarm system. Does this company have their own monitoring center? If they do, that is good news and is the ideal situation. If they don’t and use third party monitoring, here are questions you should ask:


  • Is the alarm monitoring center local?
  • How long have they been around?
  • Are they UL Certified?
  • Do the employees go through central station operator training?
  • Is the monitoring center available 24/7 to answer your calls and questions?

These are some of the basic questions you should ask. Personally, third party monitoring is not the best choice. Many small alarm companies or individuals who install alarms usually have their customers monitored by a third party monitoring station. The biggest reason they do this is: cost. A monitoring center is very expensive and very involved.

One of the main problems with third party monitoring is, usually these monitoring centers have more than they can handle. They have hundreds of smaller alarm companies and individual installers running their accounts into their center. Sometimes the center is understaffed and alarm signals usually are not handled quickly. There is also not that much personalization-you are basically a number to them.

Another huge drawback is if the installing company does not pay their monitoring bill or goes out of business without letting you know, you will think your alarm is being monitored when it really isn’t. This seems to happen a lot.

How could that happen? Here is a simple explanation:

Let’s say you pay the installing alarm company $38 a month to monitor your alarm. They will program your alarm to send signals to the alarm monitoring center of their choice and pay them the $8 a month for monitoring. They get such a low price because they send all their accounts there allowing them to pay a bulk rate. For some reason or another, they stop paying the $8 to the monitoring center or close their business without telling you. You are mailing them a check every month thinking you are getting monitoring service but are not. Nobody is telling you anything because your agreement is with the installing alarm company not with the alarm monitoring center.

Usually folks wont find this out until they trip their alarm and nobody calls. This is one of the main reasons we do not recommend third party monitoring.


This does not mean you should not get your alarm monitored. You SHOULD get your alarm monitored. Besides, if your alarm trips in the middle of the night at your office or you are away from home on vacation and someone trips the alarm while breaking into your home, you wont know anything until you return.

Having your alarm monitored will give you extra peace of mind. You just need to find the right alarm monitoring company. Doing your research and finding an alarm company that not only installs your alarm but also has their own central station is the best situation. You want a local alarm monitoring center and you want them to know who you are. There are many out there, you just need to look.

Pull out your local phone book and start making calls. Look for companies that advertise they have their own monitoring center. Not only will this be beneficial to you but you will feel like they know you and your needs every time you call.

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